I like the name of the brewing company and the beer itself. I’m not sure I’d want to drink a beer called “The Backup,” and four fathers is better than three. The can design, though, wasn’t my cup of tea- it seems like they were in between a wacky design and a sleek look. I think you have to pick one or the other- get rid of the orange lines and dots bursting out of the middle words, and just pick one spot for the Four Fathers wording placement. I will say this, I like a beer that’s correctly advertised and that’s the case here. It is indeed a light IPA with notes of citrus. Unfortunately, I felt the citrus lingered a little too long and it made me a little burpy.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 6.3


For those who may have forgot, Conner was an NFL fullback, mainly known for his time with the New York Jets after they drafted him in 2010. I always remember Rex Ryan really hyping him up. Anyway, since I love “The Starter” as a name for a beer, I wanted to pick an athlete with a great name. John Conner is an awesome fullback name, and of course it came with the classic nickname “The Terminator.” Next, I wanted a player who was correctly advertised, like this beer was. You knew what you were going to get with Conner- he could pick up a yard or two in short yardage situations, and he was mainly in there to lead the way as a blocker for the more talented runners. That leads me to another reason this makes for a good comparison- Conner played an ugly style of game (like it or not, fullbacks aren’t used much these days), and as mentioned above, I think the can is lacking in design appeal. Lastly, Conner didn’t last very long in the league, and this beer won’t be lasting in my rotation of beers in my fridge.

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