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Let me introduce you the many, umm, writers that’ll entertain you on this site:

The Commissioner

Perhaps our most important contributor, The Commissioner is in charge of the DAR. This horse racing league is known as the most exciting 20 seconds in sports! Have fun with The Commissioner as you choose your favourite horse and cheer for them to win the league title! Don’t worry, he’s nothing like Roger Goodell.

Tommy Suds

If you’re a fan of beer, head over to the Beer Blog where Mr. Suds will have grades and player comparables for all types of beers; we’re talking cheap beer, weird beer, and everything in between!

H.C Sports

H.C Sports will talk sports. Not much more to it.

Robert Bets

Bobby will give you sports gambling advice. Follow along and choose to bet with, or fade old Bobby Bets (while gambling responsibly)…

Mr. M

Follow Mr. M on his journey through life, mainly as he stumbles his way pretending to know what he’s doing as a teacher.