Comparing the Los Angeles Rams Rosters: Super Bowl 53 vs Super Bowl 56

With the Super Bowl 56 fast approaching, I've been putting in as much research possible to ensure my Gambling Corner predictions lead my loyal followers to big money. Those predictions will come later, though. For now, I wanting to dive into something I found rather interesting while looking back at the last Rams team to … Continue reading Comparing the Los Angeles Rams Rosters: Super Bowl 53 vs Super Bowl 56

Time For Torry Holt to Head to the Hall

Just a reminder that Torry Holt should be a Hall of Famer! Let’s make it happen people!

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Last February, Torry Holt was denied entry to the Hall of Fame for the seventh time. I know that plenty of greats were also denied Hall of Fame status for a few years before the Selection Committee finally voted them in, but Holt has waited long enough. We’re closing in on a decade now. I think there are few elements standing in Holt’s way, and I’m here to show why his greatness should easily overcome these obstacles in allowing Holt to finally, and rightfully, end up in the Hall of Fame.  

Close isn’t good enough anymore. It’s time for Holt to go from Finalist to Hall of Famer.

Support Needed for Holt

First off, I haven’t seen enough people banging the table for him to get in. Here’s a guy who played the majority of his career in St.Louis. Well, there’s no football team there anymore. He’s been lost in…

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