Betting Stats:

NBA: 4-5 (down $136)

NHL: 15-13 (up $454)

MLB: 3-6 (down $273)

NFL: 0-1 (down $100)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Golf: 0-1 (down $25)

Parlay 1-2 (down $58)

Horse Racing: 0-2 (down $60)

Alright, no dilly dallying here, let’s get right into my picks:

Today’s Bet: Super Bowl Sunday

Los Angeles Rams -4.5  (against Cincinnati Bengals)

Bet $100, win $91


In some ways, this reminds me of the NBA Finals- the Bucks, like the Rams, had been building towards a Championship for a few years while the Suns, like the Bengals, got there way quicker than most people would’ve predicted. Maybe the Bengals will be able to finish the job, unlike the Suns, but it feels like the Rams have found themselves in a good matchup here. They have an unreal pass rush, and the Bengals have a lackluster offensive line. They’ve been here before, and they get to play at home. They have Cooper Kupp trying to finish off arguably the greatest year ever by a wide receiver. Aaron Donald trying to secure a championship to enhance his legacy as one of the greatest defensive players ever. Matthew Stafford trying to close out a magical year after finally getting out of Detroit, and Sean McVay trying to cement his status as arguably the best coach in football. McVay made some mistakes the last time around that I can’t see him repeating. The Rams pass rush is great, but the run defense has been very solid in recent games as well. I like the Bengals defense quite a bit, but Kupp has been unstoppable, plus you have Odell who’s been playing great in the playoffs. I also think the blueprint is there to at least slow down Joe Burrow when you look at the last couple of games (he’s been solid, but not spectacular like he was to close out the season). My final score prediction is Rams 27, Bengals 20.

Now, time for some prop bets. These are really just for fun so no need to put down big money on them:

Super Bowl Prop Bets:

1. Will There Be A Flea Flicker: YES (+225)

Bet $10, win $22.50

2. Will The Opening Kickoff Be A Touchback: YES (+125)

Bet $10, win $12.50

3. What Color Liquid Will Be Poured On The Winning Coach Of Super Bowl 56: LIME/GREEN/YELLOW (+300)

Bet $10, win $30


With that extra week to prepare, these two offensive minded coaches will hopefully try something fancy like a flea flicker. We’ve seen the Philly Special, we’ve seen the Pats try to throw a pass to Brady, and in these playoffs, the Rams have been successful on two fancy plays- a throw by Odell against the Cardinals, and a flea flicker against the Buccaneers.

Next, the touchback. This is just a bet to make even that very first kickoff exciting. These are two kickers with big legs who kicked for touchbacks on about 60% of their kicks this year.

Finally, the gatorade colour. No big reason for this one. Yellow is a popular gatorade colour, right?

Enjoy the game!

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