Side Launch Brewery Coffee Lager | LCBO

I was expecting a way over the top coffee taste to this beer but that didn’t happen. Maybe that’s because I typically drink such strong black coffee like a man- no cream, no milk and get out of here with that sugar. Anyway, the description of this beer says that it’s supposed to be creamy and smooth. Guess what? It’s exactly that. Point for honesty there. Sometimes funky beers are hard to finish, but not this one. I practically chugged it. Nice little sweetness to it, too.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 7.2


I can’t be the only one who was obsessed with this dude while he was on Bengals defense. His hair was magnificent- look at it!

New Denver Broncos lineman Domata Peko has gloriously long hair

I was just a kid when I started watching him play and always thought that the crazy hair must mean he’s a wild dude (long hair = wild dude, that’s just the way my brain worked back then). That’s sort of like thinking that having a coffee flavoured beer is wild. Inevitably, this guy was just a solid football player (he played for 15 seasons in the NFL), and I really don’t think he’s some sort of freak. He just has luscious locks, that’s all. This beer is a lot like him- at first you think, woah, coffee beer!??! But then you start to drink it and realize it’s just a solid, refreshing beverage that gets the job done.

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