Let me take you back to May 1st. It was Kentucky Derby Day. I told everyone to put their money on Rock Your World to win, and Keepmeinmind to finish top 3. Rock Your World finished 17th, and Keepmeinmind finished 7th. I wasn’t even close. What an absolute disaster. The reality is, I got cocky; I knew the Kentucky Derby was a big day for gamblers so I got involved when I really have very little knowledge in the way of horse racing. Sure I run my own Electronic Horse Racing League (The DAR, which you can check out right here), but real life horse racing is not something I’ve paid enough attention to and not something I should’ve offered my advice on.

I’ve spent last last several months reflecting on my mistake and ensuring that the next time I gave advice, I’d be much more confident in my choices. That’s why, in my long awaited return, I’m putting my money on what I know best- hockey. Here were my stats before my self-led shutdown:

Betting Stats:

NBA: 4-5 (down $136)

NHL: 12-8 (up $653)

MLB: 3-6 (down $273)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Golf: 0-1 (down $25)

Parlay 1-2 (down $58)

Horse Racing: 0-2 (down $60)

Breaking this down, I was 9-15 in all sports outside of hockey, and I was down $387. With my hockey bets, though, I was killing it. Now, I have indeed spent these last several months trying my best to become more well-rounded in my sports knowledge. I’m talking staying up all hours of the night, researching the most minute details of all these other sports leagues. When I’m ready to dive back into those other sports, I will do so. For now, let’s enjoy some hockey, shall we?

Today’s Bet: NHL

Nashville Predators -1.5  (at home against Detroit Red Wings)

Bet $100, win $105


Detroit played at home last night against the Dallas Stars in a game that went to overtime. They now have to travel to Nashville where the Predators were waiting since they had last night off. The Preds are an interesting team. They win in bunches and lose in bunches. They won 7 in a row in December, then lost 2 in a row, then won 5 in a row, and then lost 4 in a row. They ended that losing streak on Thursday with a win against the Winnipeg Jets, so I’m looking for their streaky ways to continue with a second straight win tonight.

That’s it, folks, let’s build up that bank account slowly but surely!

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