Imagine, if you will, being born into a world where you crave something so badly, that it’s all you can think about. You’re drawn to it, you obsess over it, it literally consumes you. Now what “it” is that you’re obsessed with will have to wait; giving it away too early would ruin the whole point of this little perspective blog.

Anyway, your senses start tingling, leading you to try to seek out that obsession of yours that occupies your mind 24/7. So you go on a little journey and sure enough you find it! You are the happiest you’ve ever been in your short little life because your obsession has become a reality and you’re finally going to get a taste for it! You take a taste and it’s everything you imagined and more! You’re in heaven! HEAVEN! Just then, some gigantic monster-like object comes crashing down towards you. You manage to avoid being crushed to death but the massive object takes another swing at you, and another! Eventually, you retreat back to safety with no clue as to why you were almost killed for simply going after what makes you so happy.

A little time passes and you crave that sweet obsession of yours once again. Yet again, you end up finding it, taking you back to your happy place as you enjoy another taste for that fixation of yours. Once again, though, the giant object swats down at you. SPLAT! It is with deep sadness that I must let you know that the giant object has flattened you to your death. You’ve been squished. RIP.

So, what exactly was your obsession? Human blood.

And what were you? A mosquito.

A little perspective here, folks. Maybe mosquitoes aren’t so bad, eh?

Cartoon Clipart Mosquito - Cute Mosquito Clipart - Free Transparent PNG  Clipart Images Download

Alright, alright, let the record show that mosquitoes are absolutely horrible and you should continue to kill them at every turn in life. Their obsession with human blood is funny, that’s all. Next time on the blog, please enjoy my rant about how racoons are the spawn of Satan.

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