Betting Stats:

NBA: 4-5 (down $136)

NHL: 12-8 (up $653)

MLB: 3-6 (down $273)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Golf: 0-1 (down $25)

Parlay 1-1 (up $42)

After an up and down month of betting in April, I finally had my big day last time around; I went 4-0, taking home $443! The best part about this was that I found winners from 3 different sports. Right now, hockey’s been my strength; it’s time to start picking more winners in basketball and baseball!

Today’s Bets: NBA PARLAY

Boston Celtics -4.5 (at home against Oklahoma City Thunder), Milwaukee Bucks -4.5 (on the road against Charlotte Hornets), Brooklyn Nets (on the road against Toronto Raptors)

Bet $100, win $155


I’ve obviously altered the lines in the Boston and Milwaukee games, but I’m just looking for a decent payout on a fairly safe parlay. There’s really no such thing as a safe parlay as all it takes is wrong thing to go wrong to sewer the entire bet, but all we need here is for the 3 superior teams to win against 3 lesser teams. The Thunder are horrible having lost 14 straight, while the Celtics are still battling to stay in the top 6 in the East. As for betting on the Nets and Bucks, they’re both pushing for that top seed in the East, and I like that they’ve already lost to the teams they play tonight; that’ll hopefully have them come out hard and take these lesser teams seriously.

That’s it for tonight, folks, gamble responsibly!

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