Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-5 (down $227)

NHL: 10-8 (up $392)

MLB: 2-6 (down $364)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Golf: 0-1 (down $25)

Parlay 1-1 (up $42)

At this point, if you’ve bet along with us, you’ve pretty broke even. That’s not good. We need to be better. Clearly, the NBA and MLB are big weaknesses. I spent the last few days calling up experts, reading every article and message board and statline I possibly could to improve in those areas. I think I’m ready to finally pick some winners in those sports. As for hockey, I’ve done quite well- up about $400, plus the one parlay win that was all hockey bets, puts up over $500 on hockey bets! So let’s start there:

Today’s Bets- NHL:

Vancouver Canucks -1.5 (at home against Ottawa Senators)

Bet $100, win $170


Vancouver is still trying to chase down a playoff spot. This is their second of four straight against Ottawa. Ottawa won game one, so I like Vancouver’s chances, as the more desperate team, to bounce back with a much needed win at home here.

Vegas Golden Knights -1.5 (on the road against Anaheim Ducks)

Bet $100, win $91


This is simply a great team facing a bad team. Anaheim is just riding out the season, while Vegas is trying to stay atop their division. The beautiful part about betting on Vegas is that is doesn’t matter who’s in net; both Lehner and Fleury have been rock solid. Anaheim is also awful at home with only 5 wins all season.


Miami Heat -4.5 (at home against Chicago Bulls)

Bet $100, win $91


It’s put up or shut up time for Miami. They’re winners or 3 of their last 4, and 3 straight at home. If they can finish the season strong, they should be able to avoid the play-in games for team’s in the 7-10 spots. A win at home against a mediocre Bulls team shouldn’t be that hard to come by.


Oakland Athletics -1.5 (on the road against Baltimore Orioles)

Bet $100, win $91


I didn’t want to get cute with my MLB pick. It’s pretty simple- pick the hottest team in the league who’s taking on one of the worst teams in baseball. I won’t even think negative thoughts about this one, like how I’m jumping on the A’s bandwagon after they’ve already won 12 straight and I’m going to be the jinx that has them finally lose. Nope, positive vibes only from me!

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