Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-5 (down $227)

NHL: 10-8 (up $392)

MLB: 2-5 (down $264)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Golf: 0-1 (down $25)

Parlay 0-1 (down $100)

Alright, the parlay was a fail. Not even close to hitting. I’ve going really safe with another parlay today, though. All hockey, all good teams playing against bad teams where they just need to win outright. I’ll also throw in a baseball bet for ya:

Today’s Bet: NHL Parlay

Pittsburgh Penguins (at home against New Jersey Devils), Boston Bruins (on the road against Buffalo Sabres), Tampa Bay Lightning (at home against Columbus Blue Jackets)

Bet $100, win $142


All 3 of the teams I’m picking to win are still battling for playoff positioning. All 3 of the teams I’m betting against stink and aren’t making the playoffs.


New York Mets (on the road against Chicago Cubs)

Bet $100, win $87


I think the Mets are, at the very least, decent this year. They’ve lost two straight to a pretty mediocre Cubs team, including a beatdown last night. I like them to avoid the sweep, here.

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