Welcome back to the DAR- The Most Exciting 20 Seconds in Sports! Before we dive into Season 2, let’s recap Season 1 with a look back at the finals standings (you can also watch the races on our YouTube channel- DAR Horse Racing):

It was dominant season for Midnight Snack, winner of nearly 40% of the races. On the opposite end, it was a miserable season for FP Santangelo, the only winless horse. For that reason, he has undergone a name change. Hoof Hearted has also decided to change her name, trying to fully embrace her feminine side with a new name that certainly stands out. Before revealing those new names, let’s take a look at the DAR Rulebook:

  1. There is no rule against interference
  2. Lane assignments will be random
  3. First horse to touch the finish line wins
  4. If a horse wins a race, they get a win and $200 in prize money
  5. Money lane victories earn you an extra $100. This lane is randomly assigned each race
  6. Standings are based off of wins. The tiebreaker is money won. After that, it comes down to average placement
  7. The season will be 15 races long. After 15 races, whoever is in first place is crowned the DAR Champion!

Alright, now onto the big news: The league has expanded to 12 horses! First, let’s take a look at the original 6 with a couple of name changes:

If you’ve forgotten, Mure the Great is kinda sorta the most hated horse in the DAR. Also, what a name change for the purple horse! Good luck to the announcer who has to fit “Sparkle Princess Unicorn” into a 20 second race. As for the orange horse, he filed for his new name to be Kick His Ass Seabass, but this is a kid friendly league so we’ll just call him Seabass.

Next up, the newbies:

So our black and white horse thought the name Hoof Hearted was too good to give up. With the purple horse moving on from it, he scooped it up for himself. Make sense? As for the others, all five names are fine but really, it’s not the name that matters. You could be called Horsey McHorseface, but as long as you’re winning, the fans will jump on your bandwagon.

Can anyone take down Midnight Snack? Will Seabass (formally known as FP Santangelo) finally win a race? Which rookie will step up as a contender? Season 2 of the DAR starts tomorrow!

Season 2 of The Most Exciting 20 Seconds in Sports starts tomorrow!

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