Coors Light | LCBO

The best part of this beer is the can- the mountains turn blue to show you when it’s cold enough to drink. Genius, really. That in itself lifts it above Bud Light. Otherwise, it’s a watery, not very flavourful beer. It’s a barbecue beer, a “lets get hammered” beer. In that sense, it does serve a purpose. And again, those ice cold blue mountains, beautiful.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 6.7

PLAYER COMPARABLE: Chris “Birdman” Andersen

Although he played for a few different teams, Birdman did play most of his career in Denver, which is part of why I thought he was a smart choice to represent the Rocky Mountain beer. I mentioned Coors Light having a specific purpose in that it’s a great barbecue beer. Birdman also had a specific purpose as a big-man defensive presence. Would you bring this beer to a fancy tasting party? No. Would you ask Anderson to handle the ball or take a 3? Absolutely not. Nonetheless, both the beer and the player are a good time, so long as that good time is not at a dunk contest.

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