Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-4 (down $127)

NHL: 8-6 (up $387)

MLB: 1-1 (up $45)

NCAA Basketball: 1-0 (up $165)

Winnings: Up $470

With the Masters starting tomorrow, it’s time to make my pick. If you’re a golf fan, you’ll watch this tournament intensely whether you place a bet or not. Sure, no Tiger Woods puts a damper on things, but if golf is a sport you love, then the Masters likely puts you in your happy place. If you’re someone who finds golf a little slow and boring to watch, put a bet down on a golfer. It’ll make this tournament that much more entertaining for you, so long as you don’t pick some bum who doesn’t make the cut.

The bad part about betting on golf is how random it is. The Masters has seen 8 different winners over the last 8 years. That’s why I’m not going with a full $100 bet. The good part about betting on golf is that even the best golfers have low odds to win. This time around, I’m trying to win big while not betting huge. That’s why I’m going with a golfer who has yet to win a major, but seems close to breaking through:

Masters Bet:

Tony Finau +3300

Bet $25, win $825

Finau has been close at a few recent majors. He has 7 top 10 finishes in Majors since 2018. Like I wrote earlier, it’s tough to win a golf bet, so I’m only betting a quarter of a unit. If you go all in and bet $100, the payout would be a massive $3300. But yeah, bet responsibly, folks!

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