Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-2 (up $73)

NHL: 7-5 (up $302)

Plenty of bets for tonight. This is truly one of the best times of the year if you’re a sports fan! Let’s get started with the lock of all locks, a pick I’ve been waiting to give to you since last Thursday:

Today’s Bets- MLB:

New York Mets -1.5 (on the road against Philadelphia Phillies)

Bet $100, win $80


The Mets have .661 winning percentage on opening day, the best of any team in baseball. Even though their opening series against the Nationals was postponed due to Covid, I still like their chances here. Sure, the Phillies are off to a good start having just swept the Braves, but they now have their number 4 starter, Matt Moore, going up against Jacob deGrom, the best pitcher in baseball. This is also a big year for the Mets as they finally have an owner willing to spend big. That already started with Francisco Lindor receiving a $341 million contract. I know, in true Mets fashion, they’ll suffer through a thousand injuries and their bullpen will probably suck, but the one thing they’re good for is an opening day win.


Winnipeg Jets -1.5 (at home against Ottawa Senators)


Bet $100, win $125

This is a get right game for the Jets. They’ve lost 3 of their last 4, but now get to play at home against the worst team in their division who they’ve already beaten in 4 of their 5 games this season. The Sens are also a brutal 5-14 on the road. I will say this, though: the Senators have been my favourite team to bet against this year but if I’m wrong here, I think I’ll move on. They’ve been competitive over the last little while so it’s possible that their young guys are starting to figure it out and that they play better with their 4th and 5th string goalies.


Brooklyn Nets -6 (at home against New York Knicks)

Bet $100, win $87


The Nets are a dominant home team at 20-6. They’re getting Harden back in their lineup tonight. They haven’t lost two straight since early February and are coming off a loss in their last game. I also think it’s fun for them to beat up on the Knicks to show who the top dog really is in New York. They have to win by 7 for this to hit, but I expect them to come out guns blazing with 1st place in the Eastern Conference still up for grabs.

NCAA Basketball:

Baylor over Gonzaga

Bet $100, win $165


I love the value here. Both teams have been thoroughly dominant all year long. Baylor, though, had to take three weeks off because of Covid, came back rusty and lost a couple of games. Now they find themselves as the underdog in the title game. That’s despite looking fantastic as they’ve made their way through this tournament. Gonzaga is a great team and could very well cap off an undefeated season with a win tonight, but they finally looked beatable in their instant classic win against UCLA. Also, there’s not much value betting Gonzaga; a $100 bet for them to win is just a $53 payout.

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