Big fan of the can, really shows you what you’re getting yourself into. When I bought this beer, the guy at the cash essentially warned me that it was too sweet, and too peanut buttery. But I’m a man of the people, committed to reviewing every beer out there! As it turns out, this beer was a good, weird beer. Unlike the beer store guy, I didn’t find it to be over the top in it’s sweetness. As far as the peanut butter taste goes, it wasn’t overpowering. Like I said, it’s a good, weird beer, emphasis on weird. It prides itself on being different, not the type of beer that’s going to work it’s way into your regular rotation. More like a, okay I’ve tried it, time to go back to drinking the classics.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 6.1


Who? Wang Zhen is a great Olympian in the always entertaining sport of race-walking. He’s the 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist in the 20 KM event. So here you have a beer that’s good, under the weird beer category, and an athlete that’s good in the weird sports category. This is the type of beer you’ll drink once or twice in your life, just like racewalking is something you only see every 4 years at the Olympics. If you’ve never watched the event, please give it a chance- it’s hilarious. And weird. Just like the beer.

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