It’s been a minute since my last bets, but I made sure to avoid giving March Madness advice. That tournament is impossible for gamblers. I’ll stick to the hits, here, trying to only give surefire winners:

Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-2 (up $73)

NHL: 6-4 (up $315)

Today’s Bets- NHL:

Calgary Flames -1.5 (on the road against Ottawa Senators)

Bet $100, win $140


In their meeting on Monday, the Flames lost by a goal. So this is a classic bounce back situation for a team that desperately needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt. The Sens are also down to their fourth and fifth string goalies, although with how poorly their top two guys were playing, maybe that’s not as much of an advantage for the Flames as it should be.

Pittsburgh Penguins -1.5 (at home against Buffalo Sabres)

Bet $100, win $87


I made this same bet (Pens were on the road, though) not that long ago and it hit. Fast forward to present day, the Sabres are absolutely brutal, losers of 14 in a row and now playing without Eichel and their top two goalies who are all hurt. Pittsburgh has lost three of four and needed a game against a horrible Sabres team to get back on track. I know the payout isn’t huge, but I sort of love that it’s $87, perfect for a Sidney Crosby led Pens team.

No NBA pick tonight. I like Milwaukee at home against a mediocre Celtics team, but I can’t risk the bet with Giannis still questionable and the line fluctuating because of that.

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