Seeing as today is St. Patrick’s Day, the beer of choice had to be Guinness. I don’t say this often about a beer, so you know it means something- Guinness is a beautiful beer. Beautiful I tell ya! It’s just so smooth and creamy. Right away, some people will be a little scared, thinking it’s too dark and heavy for them. It’s really an easy beer to drink, though. Not the type of beer that you’ll drink several of in one night, but that’s not what it’s trying to be, either. Have a pint or two, enjoy the taste, repeat the next day. Easy!

My only cause for concern is that I do believe I have a bias. I love St. Patrick’s Day. The snow is melting, the sun is starting to shine down a little brighter, and everyone’s moods are improving as we move beyond our seasonal sadness. My beer of choice for this day is always Guinness. So is it the beer that I love, or could I be drinking anything and still feel all joyful and carefree? There have been times when I’ve drank the cheap green beer at the bar and still enjoyed it. Plus, I really don’t buy Guinness outside of this time of year. So I might have to conduct a little experiment. I’ll give my St. Patrick’s Day Guinness review, and then 6 months from now, I’ll buy some for a random September weekend and see how it rates then. For now, though, it’s undoubtedly receiving a high score.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 8.8


There’s the obvious Irish connection here. There’s more to it than that, though. Guinness, at it’s best (aka- on St. Patrick’s Day), is an absolute beast of a beer. An all-time beer. McGregor, at his best, was also an absolute beast, one of the very best in his sport. But I don’t really buy Guinness at other times of the year. And, as we’ve seen with McGregor, he’s not always so great. I guess what I’m trying to say is, a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day is like McGregor when he fought Jose Aldo. A Guinness in September? Let’s hope it doesn’t end up being like McGregor in his loss against Khabib. Time will tell.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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