If you’ve been betting along with me, you’d be up almost $400 in just a couple of weeks. Like I said in the beginning, I only give you bets I’m truly confident in; I’m not just tossing darts at a dartboard hoping for a bullseye. Let’s keep it rolling.

Betting Stats:

NBA: 3-0 (up $273)

NHL: 4-4 (up $117)

Today’s Bets- NHL:

Tampa Bay Lightning -1.5 (at home against Nashville Predators)

Bet $100, win $83


The Lightning are coming off a loss to the Red Wings. They’re back at home against a bad Predators team that have lost five of their last six. The Lightning are also 2-0 against the Preds this year, outscoring them 10-2. I know it’s not a huge payout, but as far as betting on a team to win by two goals, this feels fairly safe.

Pittsburgh Penguins -1.5 (on the road against Buffalo Sabres)

Bet $100, win $115


The Penguins are hot, having won four in a row. The Sabres are not, losers of nine straight. This is one of those bets that I won’t usually make because you’re asking the Penguins to beat the same team by two, twice in a row. But the Sabres are so brutal right now, and in a tough East Division, every game for the Pens is huge. Beating up on the Sabres is a must if they want to stay in a playoff spot.


Milwaukee Bucks -11  (on the road against Washington Wizards)

Bet $100, win $91


Don’t mess with a good thing, right? I’ve been riding the Bucks to easy money for a couple of weeks now. Here, they do have to go on the road, but they’re playing against a Wizards team that just played last night. The last time we bet on the Bucks to cover an 11 point spread, they won by 33. My worry is that the Bucks are an average road team, so this is one to monitor going forward, seeing if the Bucks should be avoided if not at home.

Phoenix Suns -6.5  (at home against Indiana Pacers)

Bet $100, win $87

The Suns are one of the hottest teams in basketball right now. They were 8-8 to start the year and since then have gone 17-4. Booker is expected to play, and they get to go up against a team who just played in LA against the Lakers last night. The Pacers are also just 1-6 in their last seven.

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