This is pretty simple- drink a beer, give some feedback and a score out of 10. I’ll also give a player comparable, looking at players from all four major sports, current or retired.

I’ll review everything in the beer world, starting with a classic cheap beer:

Old Milwaukee | LCBO

Back in the day, this was my go-to cheap beer. First off, the can design- it’s not what it used to be. If you know, you know. Anyway, on to the taste- it’s a little unfair for me to grade this beer because it brings back great memories. I’m a fan of it- smooth, no bad aftertaste, a real easy beer to drink. The type of beer you drink if you’re looking to have a fun time and will end up pounding back 4 or 5, or 20. Trying to put aside my bias, my criticism would be that it’s fairly bland.

Score out of 10: 7.0

Player Comparable: James Laurinaitis

Laurinaitis was solid player for a number of years, but by no means a star. Also, just like I have a soft spot for this beer, I was a big Laurinaitis fan growing up, even owning the classic 55 Rams jersey.

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