Betting Stats:

NBA: 1-0 (up $91)

NHL: 1-1 (up $75)

Today’s Bets- NHL:

Colorado Avalanche -1.5 (on the road against San Jose Sharks)

Bet $100, win $115


Much like yesterday’s winning bet where I picked the Jets to rebound against the Canucks, I’m thinking the superior Avs will play a whole lot better than they did a couple nights ago against San Jose when they lost 6-2. To get some value out of it I need them to win by 2. The game is in San Jose but I just can’t see an explosive Colorado team losing back to back games to a mediocre Sharks teams.

Edmonton Oilers (at home against Toronto Maple Leafs)

Bet $100, win $91


The Oilers have lost two straight to the Leafs by way of shutout. There’s just no way McDavid and Draisaitl are shut down by the same team three times in a row. The Leafs are looking like a high-end team this year, though, so I’m not taking the extra value of picking the Oilers by 2 (it would be a $250 win on a $100 bet). I just need the Oilers to find a way to avoid losing three straight to the same team, all at home. That’s not too much to ask, right?


Brooklyn Nets -9.5  (on the road against Houston Rockets)

Bet $100, win $91


This is an old fashion revenge game- James Harden returns to Houston where he spent most of the last decade. I fully expect Harden to ball hog his way to a huge night. It helps that he’s really good at basketball so I’m sure he’ll score with a ton. It helps even more going up against a brutal Houston team that has lost 12 straight, usually in blowouts.

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