Get ready, folks! The most exciting 20 seconds in sports is coming your way soon! First, take some time to learn the DAR Rules:

  1. There is no rule against interference
  2. Lane assignments will be random
  3. First horse to touch the finish line wins
  4. If a horse wins a race, they get a win and $200 in prize money
  5. Money lane victories earn you an extra $100. This lane is randomly assigned each race
  6. Standings are based off of wins. The tiebreaker is money won. After that, it comes down to average placement
  7. The season will be 15 races long. After 15 races, whoever is in first place is crowned the DAR Season 2 Champion!
  8. After 9 races, the All-Star Race will take place with the top 6 horses participating. It will be an elimination style race- slowest horse will be eliminated every lap until we have our All-Star Champion. It will not count towards the official stats.

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