Here’s a look back at an unbelievable comeback:

First of all, what a comeback. That girl wasn’t at all relevant for the first 90% of this video and then somehow gets the win. A relay race is supposed to be a team win, but this is all hers. Give her all 4 medals, let her stand alone on top of the podium, and the rest of her teammates can bow down to her greatness.

The other great part of this is the announcing. Such passion, such enthusiasm. Ever heard the saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have? These announcers commentated for the job they want- this wasn’t some random track event with 100 people in the stands. No dammit, this was their Olympics. What a display by everyone involved, really. I won’t often post a look back to a Ireland Women’s College 4×400 meter relay, but this race was well worth it.

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