Tonight is the NHL All-Star game, and let’s be honest- it usually sucks. The players typically give very little effort, making it a boring few hours for legitimate hockey fans. This isn’t unique to just the NHL, the NBA All-Star game is useless, and the NFL’s Pro Bowl might be the worst of all with a lack of effort plus a bunch of the best players not playing because they have a Super Bowl to worry about. There have been some memorable moments, though, and Nolan calling his shot was my favourite. I think part of the appeal was the fact that I was 5 years old at the time. As a kid, All-Star games were pretty awesome. You don’t notice the lack of trying, and you’re mesmerized by the star power involved. Nolan calling his shot amazed me back then and the video is maybe even more awesome now:

First thing to look at here was the glowing puck. Absolutely classic. Next, I’m always amazed how poor videos look from my childhood. This is from 1997 but it looks like it was filmed with a potato. To get into the specifics of this game, it was in San Jose where Nolan played, and it was for a hat trick to make it even better. To top it all off, Nolan also pulled it off with Hasek in net.

I guess I should address the conspiracy theory around this goal- did he call his shot, or was he just pointing? All I have to say to that is c’mon people, why can’t we just let this moment be amazing? These are the same type of people who tried to ruin the video of Kobe Bryant not flinching. Let this great moment stay great!

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