Here’s a look back at classic NFL fantasy football commercials. Essentially, the players try to convince the viewers to pick them in fantasy football by doing something spectacular. Have a look:

These were awesome, but it was hilarious how many of them were done by kickers, as if any half decent fantasy football player would take a kicker before the last couple of rounds. I did play in a league during this time where David Akers was taken way too high. I’m sure that guy saw this video and thought he was a must-have player. I wonder how many people were duped into taking some of these players. Any of the QBs would’ve made for bad fantasy picks. Same with Chris Chambers on the Chargers. Laurence Maroney was never anything special. And Braylon Edwards was good for about a minute.

There was a debate back in the day whether these were real or not. Some of them are believable, and then there’s this one featuring Darren Sproles:

Kudos to Sproles for being one of the few still in the league from these videos, but clearly, technology back then wasn’t quite what it’s become today. Nonetheless, NFL, it’s time to make these again with today’s stars!

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