An easy category to explain- A look at the best hair in hockey. Let’s get right into it:

10. Erik Karlsson- Nice flow-goatee combo to get him into the top 10.

9. Mike Commodore/Scott Hartnell- I’ve tied these two together as red headed dudes with major flow.

8. Patrick Kane- Specifically, playoff flow Patrick Kane makes this list.

7. Mike Ricci- Let’s face it, Ricci is a funny looking guy and the hair just fits.

6. Bobby Clarke- The toothless smile just adds to Clarke’s classic look.

5. Al Iafrate – Iafrate is known for two things- his booming slap shot, and this iconic look.

4. Henrik Lundqvist/ Henrik Zetterberg- these two are together on this list as Swedish Henrik’s with beautiful flow who, when the mood suits them, add a grade-A beard to the magnificence.

3. Brent Burns/Joe Thornton- Unfortunately Thornton has moved on from the hobo look, but at least we still have Burns’ Chewbacca look to marvel at.

2. Lanny McDonald- I could grow a moustache for 7 lifetimes and not come close to Lanny’s.

1. Jaromir Jagr- the most iconic hair in hockey’s history; nobody rocked the mullet quite like Jagr.

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