One of these beers had a strong flavour, while the other was essentially water with a little buzz to it. I wonder which was which…

Bud Light:

Let’s not beat around the bush about it, Bud Light is a beer you drink to get drunk. It’s a tailgate beer, a sporting event beer, a party beer. If you’re looking to pound back a dozen beers and have a good time, here’s the beer for you. If you’re wanting flavour, stay away. In judging the taste, there’s not much to say. There’s not much going on here.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 5.5

PLAYER COMPARABLE: Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette- BizNasty was never a very good hockey player- he scored 7 goals in over 200 games and was often a healthy scratch. He was, though, a good team guy that the other players liked to have around. Need someone to score a goal? Make a nice pass? A great defensive play? He’s the not the player for you. But, he is a good guy to party with.

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout:

Here’s an online review of this beer from some sort of beer connoisseur: “Like a good cheddar, this drinks very well if left out if the fridge a bit – the sharpness of the cold hides the flavours that mellow with temperature. You’ll find that belgian chocolate taste, the espresso edge… it’s best paired with warm socks and a winter evening. It’s to be experienced properly.” It became clear to me that I’m not living the same way as this dude. Paired with warm socks? Huh? I drank it like any beer, and hated it. The more I drank, the less I liked it. It was hard to finish. I did like the reviewers comment about the chocolate/ espresso flavours. That was another negative for me, though. All in all, a dark, flavourful beer, but not the flavours I’m looking for.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 4.0

PLAYER COMPARABLE: Skip Bayless– Okay, so he’s not a player (although he did average 1.4 points per game in high school basketball), but he makes a living talking sports and makes for a perfect comparison. He’s loud, opinionated, and cocky. For me, he’s just too much. More often than not, I disagree with his opinions. To his credit, though, Skip has a following. There’s a reason he’s being paid a ton of money to talk sports- people are entertained by him. Personally, I find him to be more annoying than entertaining.

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