Same format as the first review- one better known and one lesser known beer. I’ll give a comment, a score out of 10, and a player comparable for both beers.

Stella Artois:

I guess there was a sale on Stella as I ended up with three tallboy 6-packs for Christmas. Luckily, I enjoy Stella. It’s a smooth beer that you can have a few of at once (something I’ve come to realize this past week). It’s a crisp beer with no bad aftertaste that gets the job done. It doesn’t necessarily have a defining quality, though.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 7.5

PLAYER COMPARABLE: Jose Calderon– Like the beer, Calderon is a European who’s been around forever. He put together a solid career, but was never a true star. Maybe you’ll know someone who’s a big Calderon fan. While that might sound a little strange at first, you come to realize Calderon did enough in the league to warrant the positive recognition.

Nickel Brook Cause & Effect Blonde:

This is a beer that has a little of everything, but not too much of anything. It’s hoppy but not excessively so. It’s a nice mix of sweet, citrus and a bit bitter. Not a “get hammered” beer, but I’d drink a few and be happy about it.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 7.7

PLAYER COMPARABLE: Brock Holt– just as the beer gives a little bit of everything, Holt has shown himself to be a versatile player. Do you want a team full of Holt’s? Probably not, but he’s someone that can play pretty well every position and always gives great effort. The beer also has a brainy name and can, and Holt comes across as a smart dude.

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